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Within the pages of Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts are many hours of entertaining and informative reading—little-known facts that will make you exclaim. Isaac Asimov's Book Of Facts [Isaac Asimov] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Collects three thousand astounding, unusual, educational. Within the pages of Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts are many hours of entertaining and informative reading—little-known facts that will make you exclaim.

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Isaac Asimovs Book Of Facts

Within the pages of "Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts "are many hours of entertaining and informative reading--little-known facts that will make you exclaim, time and. Book of facts by Isaac Asimov, , Bell Pub. Co., Distributed by Crowm Publishers edition, in English - ed. He suggested the idea for Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts, which was to be a thickish collection of trivia culled by other people from various sources (including .

Apr 08, Dxmaniac69 rated it really liked it Facts about the Book of Facts: - I actually read the book of facts from cover to cover. It was a bathroom reader. I read about a page on average each time. Therefore some of the facts in the book are now outdated. Really, it's a book of facts. It accomplishes exactly what it intends to do. There really isn't much to sell someone on here. If you like random tidbits of informa Facts about the Book of Facts: - I actually read the book of facts from cover to cover. If you like random tidbits of information, check the book out. Thanks, Mr. Asimov I honestly must have read this, never cover to cover, hundreds of times. You can open it to any page and read the most fascinating shit. I guess that's what people did before the internet was invented. Mar 31, Ridzwan Ramdan rated it it was amazing This book has a special place in my heart. Its the book that got me reading novels, sci-fi specifically.

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15 Facts about Isaac Asimov

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In addition to candy, the stores sold magazines, and young Isaac devoured the science fiction stories he read in their pages and fell in love with the genre. Asimov was rejected from nearly every school he applied to … At 15 years old, Asimov applied to Columbia College but was rejected because "[the school's] quota for Jews for the coming year was already filled," he later wrote. That school closed soon after and he was transferred to Columbia, where he earned a Chemistry degree in Hoping to become a doctor, Asimov applied to five medical schools in New York, but was rejected by every one.

Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts - Asimov, Isaac (EDT) - | HPB

For good measure, he applied again, and was turned down by each of them once more. He also applied to Columbia's graduate school for chemistry, but was denied entrance.

After speaking to Columbia's faculty, Asimov managed to convince the school to accept him as a grad student for a year, on a probationary basis. His grades were up to snuff, and he earned his master's degree in chemistry in From to , he worked at the Philadelphia Naval Air Experimental Station—he knew, following the Pearl Harbor attack five months earlier, that the draft was going to be coming, and he preferred to be of some service rather than try to hide behind being a Ph.

He later wrote that he hoped that with this job "my labors might serve as directly useful for that war effort, and I knew I could do more as a reasonably capable chemist than as a panicky infantryman, and perhaps the government would think so too.

Asimov had a successful career in academia. His lectures were popular, and within a few years he was promoted to associate professor.

He also co-authored a biochemistry textbook called Biochemistry and Human Metabolism. In , he stopped teaching and focused solely on writing science fiction.

Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts

Years later, in , Boston University awarded Asimov the title of full professor. He used the pen name Paul French. In the '50s, Asimov wrote a series of six science fiction novels for children using the pseudonym Paul French. The books, collectively called the Lucky Starr series, follow David "Lucky" Starr and his adventures around the solar system.

Because the publisher, Doubleday, was hoping to turn the series into a TV show, Asimov used a pen name just in case the television adaptation was terrible—he didn't want to be attached to something cringeworthy, but he also hated that people began to think he was using the pseudonym in order to protect his reputation in the science community. In the end, the TV show didn't happen, and some of the books are now credited to both French and Asimov. Asimov wrote a movie musical for Paul McCartney.

Look in the Boston University archives , and you might find a story outline called "Five and Five and One. The former Beatles' idea centered on a band that realized it was being impersonated by aliens, and he thought Asimov would be the perfect writer for the job.

Sadly, McCartney didn't like Asimov's treatment, and the movie was never made. He was an on-again, off-again member of Mensa. Asimov wasn't shy about joining clubs.

ISBN 13: 9780449900345

Asimov has moved on from this reality, I wish there was some kind of update for this book. Maybe there is and I don't Isaac Asimov was born in Petrovichi, Russia, on January 2, His family emigrated to the United States in and settled in Brooklyn, New York, where they owned and operated a candy store. Asimov became a naturalized U. As a youngster he discovered his talent for writing, producing his first original fiction at the age of eleven.

He went on to become one of the world's most prolific writers, publishing nearly books in his lifetime.

Asimov was not only a writer; he also was a biochemist and an educator.

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