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Post Tagged with: "telangana history in telugu for competitive exams pdf". Qutub Shahi – 1 కుతుబ్‌షాహీ యుగం – 1 || Telangana History Download the file: కాకతీయానంతర Current Affairs and G.K Practice Bits in Telugu. HISTORY STUDY MATERIAL Name of the PDF More Information Buddha History Practice Bits in Telugu view Indian History Model Practice Paper – 1 view. Practice Bits in Telugu for UPSC APPSC and TSPSC Group 1 Group 2 and Group 3 Telangana Economy · 4. Andhra Pradesh History · 5. Telangana History.

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Telangana History Bits Pdf

Telangana History is considered as one of the major scoring subject in state Complete info about Telangana history from to – Bit Bank (PDF) history ebooks for examstelangana history in english bits > Bit Bank > TS History Practice Bits Download pdf in Telugu Please send me Telangana History, Telangana Movement. Telangana History. మాదిరి ప్రశ్నలు- 6. తెలంగాణ చరిత్ర. మాదిరి ప్రశ్నలు - 4. మాదిరి ప్రశ్నలు - 3. మాదిరి ప్రశ్నలు - 2.

Mughal influence[ edit ] Islam arrived in Bengal probably around the mid-thirteenth century, coming into force with the penetration of the Muslim rulers from the northwest. Dhaka the present-day capital of Bangladesh , in particular, expanded greatly under Mughal rule. The partition of India in resulted in a large migration of people to and from present-day Bangladesh, resulting in a much stronger divide along religious lines. Bangladesh today shows a much greater Muslim influence than West Bengal. Mutton Chaanp The influence on the food was from the top down, and more gradual than in many other parts of India. This led to a unique cuisine where even commoners ate the dishes of the royal court, such as biryani , korma and bhuna. The influence was reinforced in the Raj era, when Kolkata became the place of refuge for many prominent exiled Nawabs , especially the family of Tipu Sultan from Mysore and Wajid Ali Shah , the ousted Nawab of Awadh. The exiles brought with them hundreds of cooks and masalchis spice mixers , and as their royal patronage and wealth diminished, they became interspersed into the local population. These cooks came with the knowledge of a very wide range of spices most notably jafran saffron and mace , the extensive use of ghee as a method of cooking, and special ways of marinating meats. Mutton Rezala In Bangladesh , this food has over time become the staple food of the populace.

Many British families in India hired local cooks, and through them discovered local foods. The foods had to be toned down or modified to suit the tastes of the " memsahibs ". Bangladeshi-style chow mein Chinese pork roll The Chinese of Kolkata originally settled into a village called Achipur south of Kolkata in the late 18th century, later moving into the city and finally into its present home in Tangra at the eastern edge of Kolkata. The Chinese-origin people of Kolkata form a substantial and successful community with a distinct identity.

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With this identity came Chinese food, available at almost every street corner in Kolkata at present, due to the taste, quick cooking procedure, and no similarity with the original Chinese recipe other than the use of soy sauce.

They were mostly Cantonese tradesmen and sailors who first settled down here and decided to cook with whatever items they had at hand. The influence of this unique syncretic cuisine cannot be overstated; it is available in every town in India and Bangladesh as "Chinese" food. Bengali immigrants to other countries have started carrying this abroad as well; Indian Chinese restaurants have appeared in many places in the United States and UK.

Indian Chinese food was given a second boost when a large number of Tibetans migrated into Indian Territory, following the 14th Dalai Lama 's flight. Tibetans brought with them their own delicacies to add to this genre, such as the very popular momo a kind of dumpling or thukpa a hearty noodle soup. Tibetans and Nepali immigrants also found ready employment in kitchens and helped power the many eateries that serve this unique fusion on virtually every street in Kolkata.

The chop suey became a favorite, and versions like "American chop suey" and "Chinese chop suey" were constantly talked about. The medium of cooking is mustard oil which adds on its own pungency.

Another very important item of Bengali cuisine is the variety of sweets or mishti as they call them. Most of them are milk-based and are prepared from 'chhana' ponir as it is popularly known. The most popular among the Bengali sweets are the roshogolla, shondesh, pantua and mishti doi and these four sweets are deemed essential at every wedding besides some other sweets, which may vary as per individual choice.

A meal, for the Bengali, is a ritual in itself even only boiled rice and lentils dal bhat , with a little fish. Bengalis, like the French, spend not only the great deal of time thinking about the food, but also on its preparation and eating.

Quips like "Bengalis live to eat" and "Bengalis spend most of their income on food" are not exactly exaggerated. The early morning shopping for fresh vegetables, fish etc.

Meal Courses and Etiquette[ edit ] The Bengalis are very particular about the way and the order in which the food should be served. Each dish is to be eaten separately with a little rice so that the individual flavours can be enjoyed. The first item served may be a little ghee which is poured over a small portion of rice and eaten with a pinch of salt. Then come the bitter preparation, shukto, followed by lentils or dals, together with roasted or fried vegetables bhaja or bharta.

Next come the vegetable dishes, the lightly spiced vegetables, chenchki, chokka, followed by the most heavily spiced dalna, ghonto and those cooked with fish. Finally the chicken or mutton, if this being served at all.

Download Objective Multiple Choice Practice Bits PDFs in Telugu –

Chaatni comes to clear the palate together with crisp savoury wafers, papor. Dessert is usually sweet yogurt mishti doi. The meal is finally concluded with the handing out of betel leaf paan , which is considered to be an aid to digestion and an astringent. Traditionally the people here eat seated on the floor, where individual pieces of carpet, called asans, are spread for each person to sit on and the meal is served on a large gun-metal or silver plate thala and the various items of food are placed in bowls batis around the top of the thala, running from right to left.

Rice is mounded and placed on the middle of the thala, with a little salt, chilies and lime placed on the upper right hand corner.

Download Objective Multiple Choice Practice Bits PDFs in Telugu

They eat with the fingers of the right hand and strict etiquette is observed with regard to this. The typical Bengali fare includes a certain sequence of food—somewhat like the courses of Western dining.

Hi sir send me important bits and history of Talangana and all in quiz pattern and also the General Studies prepairing for tleangana state exam. Hi sir, please help me to know history,politics,geogaphy,culture, economic condition of telangana states. YEAH rite many mistakes are there……plz rectify it who have posted it….

Thank u.

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Telangana GK & Current Affairs 2018 Question Answers

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